sorry but i can’t get through these matthew porterfield films. 

putty hill - it actually kinda grew on me as the film went on but i couldn’t get over the faux documentary aspect of it which ruined the film imo

hamilton - i fucking loved the opening credits and then i fell asleep within the first 10 minutes. sorry but how is one supposed to watch this film without dozing off?? it feels like it was made to put people to sleep

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The One I Love (Charlie McDowell, 2014) 1/5

I was super into this film for like the first 2 minutes and then my interest in it just plummeted dramatically when I realized what the concept was. It just felt like a gimmick that wasn’t even clever or insightful or moving in the least. So idk wasn’t feeling this one at all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Fugitive (Morris Engel, Ray Ashley & Ruth Orkin, 1953) 5/5

The film that influenced both the French New Wave and John Cassavetes. An absolutely important cornerstone of American Independent Cinema. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

You’re Next (Adam Wingard, 2011) 2.5/5

Enjoyable film, if you don’t expect too much from it. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Yooo that’s Gina Piersanti replying to my review of It Felt Like Love. Super cool!! Everyone, go watch this film. Seriously. It’s on Netflix.

Yooo that’s Gina Piersanti replying to my review of It Felt Like Love. Super cool!! Everyone, go watch this film. Seriously. It’s on Netflix.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Exit Elena (Nathan Silver, 2012) 3.5/5

First off, I just wanna say that I did like this film. I think it’s a good film, no question about it. But, the thing that bothers me about it is that I can’t seem to completely buy or understand who this Elena character is supposed to be. Like, to me, she seems like a cool person. She has like hipster vibes. So, I don’t understand how is it that she doesn’t seem to have family or friends or even a boyfriend and would choose to work as a live-in aide so she’d have somewhere to live??? I mean that just really confused me. Maybe I missed something? Idk. Of course the film barely offers any help by way of information which I respect, of course, but there’s just a disconnect there for me so if someone could enlighten me about this, I’d appreciate it. 

It Felt Like Love (Eliza Hittman, 2013) 5/5

I was quite surprised at how much I loved this because the previous films that I’ve seen about teenage female sexuality (mostly French ones)… I mean they’re good films but I wasn’t really into any of them all that much. I found it hard to relate or connect with the characters. This one worked for me. Big time. It’s unsettling, painful, and heartbreaking. Definitely the most moving film I’ve seen about this kind of subject. Major props to the lead actress, Gina Piersanti. I can see how easily the character could’ve been misunderstood or perceived as unsympathetic but she was great. She was able to say so much with so little. A beautiful film about the pains and horrors of being a teenage girl. 

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