I use this to rate and keep track of all the films that I watch. Please do not expect proper film reviews. This is a Tumblr, for fuck's sake. I love independent films so if you have any under the radar films you'd like to recommend, please tell me. Also, if you don't agree with any of my reviews, try and be civil about it. I absolutely respect and even appreciate any conflicting opinions and like most people, I am capable of completely changing my mind about any film that i've seen.

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief (Jake Clennell, 2006) 3.5/5

I wasn’t digging this film too much at first because I was like… these guys are not even hot. And at some point, I really thought I had this film pegged, like I already knew what it’s gonna be about, but it absolutely proved me wrong when it revealed two important twists that showed that this film had more depth than I initially gave it credit for. Reminiscent of Paradise: Love. Check it out. It’s on Netflix. 

Sansho the Bailiff (Kenji Mizoguchi, 1954) 4.5/5

Without mercy, man is like a beast. Even if you are hard on yourself, be merciful to others. Men are created equal. Everyone is entitled to their happiness.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
"unavailable in any format for at least two decades"

"unavailable in any format for at least two decades"

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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (David Lowery, 2013) 4/5

I feel like this movie is getting a lot of hate it doesn’t deserve. People are being too harsh on it. I mean fine, yes it is Malick-y and Sundance-y but so what? I admit I hate that too sometimes but I think you just have to look at it strictly as a film and respect the fact that it has fantastic performances, great cinematography. I liked that it was simple and restrained. I felt its sincerity and you know, over-all it was a good film. That’s more than I can ask from any film tbh.

Your chance to watch Frank V. Ross’ Tiger Tail in Blue for FREE and on Vimeo(so easy!) is about to end. Take the opportunity to watch it NOW. I watched it again last night and pretty much feel the same way about it (it’s fucking brilliant) except I’m less confused now. For me, it’s brilliance doesn’t really kick in until like the 40 minute mark. Anyway, PLEASE GO SEE IT. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kiss of the Damned (Xan Cassavetes, 2012) 4/5

I’d wanted to see this for some time now but kept putting it off because of all the negative reviews. I did finally push through watching it and I have to say I rather enjoyed it. Perhaps more so because I didn’t expect too much from it. I thought the film worked exceptionally well as a stylish erotic vampire thriller, and the actresses were gorgeous and fantastic. I must say though that this is coming from someone who doesn’t watch a lot of vampire films. I hadn’t seen any of the Jean Rollin stuff or anything like that. 

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