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Uncle Kent (Joe Swanberg, 2011) 3/5

This is my third Joe Swanberg film and I’m not sure what to make of the dude exactly. He’s not a great filmmaker. Is he a bad filmmaker? I don’t know. His films don’t affect me. They also tend to be forgettable. I find that the best I can say about a film of his is that it’s okay. Like this film. It’s okay. It’s good. In fact, I’ll have to say it’s his best film I’ve seen so far. At 3 stars it’s his best. It has a creative narrative and something about the film or of Kent Osborne’s performance felt sincere. Would I recommend this? I guess I would. But not strongly. If you’ve been thinking about watching this, then you should probably give it a shot because it’s original at least and explores interesting stuff like aging, fantasies, expectations, shit like that. 

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