Drinking Buddies (Joe Swanberg, 2013) 1/5

Joe Swanberg has always been a mediocre filmmaker in my opinion like I super wouldn’t mind if he just stopped making films altogether. I don’t feel like he particularly made any notable contributions to American independent cinema but I mean, I don’t know… maybe it just so happened that the Joe Swanberg films that I’ve seen are his not so good ones? Though I honestly doubt that. STILL, if there’s a film of his that you thought was really good and that you think could possibly change my mind, tell me and I’d honestly be willing to give it a try. Or if you’d like to say something to defend the guy, go ahead. His films are definitely not complete trash but this latest one, his so-called mainstream effort, is the worst that I’ve seen from him. His films might evolve formally or aesthetically (except that I don’t even think so since what only happened is that his film now looks like every other American independent film out there) but the content remains meaningless and problematic as always.

  1. grahamcarter said: Joe Swanberg has had a huge impact on American independent cinema and the whole no budget movement. I’d recommend watching Silver Bullets and Marriage Material if you haven’t seen those. Marriage Material is free on Vimeo, and is a very important film.
  2. yckmd said: Also, re: Swanberg. I enjoyed Uncle Kent, but if you’ve not been into his work yet I don’t think it’d change anyone’s mind. How would you compare his work you’ve seen to Andrew Bujalski’s - which I personally find very similar in tone/aesthetic.
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