I use this to rate and keep track of the films that I watch. Please do not expect proper film reviews. I am also really into American independent films so if you know any great ones that I might not have seen yet, let me know!

This is Martin Bonner (Chad Hartigan, 2013) 4/5

What’s great about this film is that it’s about two middle-aged men, who seems like the last two people in the world you would want to watch a film about, leading not very exciting lives in a film without an apparent conflict, climax, or resolution and devoid of any huge realizations or epiphanies. It has no selling point really, other than it’s a good film about real people, and you know what? That has always been enough. It’s about people who have made certain mistakes or choices in their lives and are now dealing with the consequences of those actions and just trying their best to lead better lives and be better people. I like that we don’t necessarily see or know everything that has happened in the past although some of it is stated or implied, but mostly we just have the present situation to draw conclusions from. Great screenplay(their lunch date with Travis’ daughter was my favorite), terrific performances and over-all impressive effort from Chad Hartigan who I think has made the biggest leap among the mumblecore crowd in terms of maturity and confidence in his craft.

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